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Influencer Program

Hey Future Star!

Ever dreamed of living that #InstaGlam life? Welcome to INSTASTARS – where your influencer dreams are just a sassy pose away! Whether you’re a newbie taking your first steps on the influencer catwalk or already owning the runway as a Mega-Influencer, INSTASTARS has a VIP spot just for you!

Here’s the scoop:
Dive into our 'Influencer Tasks' - they’re not just tasks, they’re challenges waiting for your awesomeness! Every challenge conquered? KA-CHING! Points that magically transform into oh-so-dreamy FREE Merch! 


But wait, there’s more!
Strut your stuff while flaunting our merch and watch those royalties roll in! Plus, sprinkle your unique promo code like glitter and earn every time your fans shop – because who doesn’t love a good shopping spree?

Ready for the red carpet?
Become an INSTASTARS Ambassador! We're not just talking about the regular glam, but the *real VIP treatment*. Get pampered with FREE Merch drops from our elite partners regularly. Oh, and did we mention? As a star in our universe, you'll be the first call for exclusive gigs from top-tier brands. Some of our Ambassadors? They're on the speed-dial for personal requests! 


So, slip into those heels (or sneakers – you do you!) and let’s start this fabulous journey. Click below and let's make some influencer magic together!

Need lighting equipment to help you get started? INSTASTARS Ambassador, Catherine Quirico has got you covered! Check out the fantastic selection at and use promo code: CATHQ5 at check-out! And follow her on Instagram @catherinequirico for trending creative ideas!


Watch you brand grow! Create Tasks & Challenges for INSTASTARS Influencers to complete to Earn Rewards!



INSTASTARS Influencers are Earning Royalties by creating NFTs AND Modeling INSTASTARS Merch!

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