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Influencer Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the INSTASTARS Influencer program! If you are just beginning your journey as an Influencer, this is a great place to start! INSTASTARS will help you become an expert! And even if you're already a Mega-Influencer, you'll find our program fun and rewarding!


Everyone can participate in our 'Influencer Challenges' to score points redeemable for FREE Merch! Complete the application below so we can connect, then complete the Challenges at your own pace and have fun! Earn royalties by modelling INSTASTARS Merch and commissions by extending your unique promo code to your audiences.

Take the lead and become an INSTASTARS featured Ambassador! INSTASTARS Ambassadors receive FREE Merch frequently from our partner brands. All INSTASTARS Influencers will receive job notifications from outside brands as well. Featured Ambassadors are usually personally requested.

Need lighting equipment to help you get started? INSTASTARS Ambassador, Catherine Quirico has got you covered! Check out the fantastic selection at and use promo code: CATHQ5 at check-out! And follow her on Instagram @catherinequirico for trending creative ideas!



Watch you brand grow! Create Challenges for INSTASTARS Influencers to complete to earn rewards!


INSTASTARS Influencers are earning Royalties by creating NFTs AND Modeling INSTASTARS Merch!

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