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Let's join Forces! Thank you for considering INSTASTARS as your Marketing Specialists! I wanted to follow up with you with a proposal created uniquely for the PAWSOME Pet Shop. INSTASTARS is dedicated to delivering astronomical results in achieving all of your business goals!

My name is Valentina Chastain and I will be your Dedicated Account Manager. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, suggestions and/or revisions! Your happiness is my top priority! I'm excited about your project. Let's shoot for the stars and make 2023 the BEST Year Ever!

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YOUR Client Journey

Terms of Use

In accordance to the job description provided by PAWSOME Pet Shop, we understand that you are looking for quality pet items that you can be proud to put the PAWSOME name on! INSTASTARS has taken the initiative to draft up a unique proposal just for you that will help you reach and surpass your business goals! We are eager to hear your feedback and can alter the custom plans below to best suit your needs!


We have created an example E-COM Website at: www.PAWSOMEPet.Shop that matches your current website(s).We are happy to extend FREE E-COM Website Creation & Maintenance [with Unlimited Revisions]  when you sign up before January 29th, 2023. We suggest using this [independent] site for all 'PAWSOME Pet Shop' approved and branded products; as this will keep all of your websites loading and running quickly and smoothly. Your SEO Optimized E-COM Store Front includes a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, a Branded App, Members Area with Challenges and Reward Badges, Blog, Forum AND MUCH MORE!


We can brand all approved items with your personalized tags and ship them out to your customers in customized courier envelopes/boxes from a tracking location in North America. In order to create quicker shipping times AND save money on bulk orders from the manufacturers, you have the option of purchasing a few of the products originally sourced outside of North America in bulk; for a greater discount, to be shipped and stored with us so that we can rebrand all of the items before reshipping. We can send you the bulk price lists if this is something that interests you. Otherwise, we can simply direct dropship 1 item at a time, as orders are placed and let the customer know their order is processing and that can take up to 7-10 business days before shipment. Either way, many of the internationally sourced items will need to reach your Dedicated Account Manager to test for quality assurance and for rebranding before reshipping with a North American tracking number. We are located in Nova Scotia.


Below is an example of a custom waterproof courier mailer and clothing tags we can put your logo on: [We'll send you more examples so you can choose what's right for your business, once you've officially subscribed. Please Note: The cost for extra purchases for your store is NOT covered in the INSTASTARS plan.]









Unique Prints & Name Brands

Other items in your storefront have been designed by our team and are unique to INSTASTARS. You will share exclusivity rights to INSTASTARS designs to keep your site fresh with new products and fun & exciting marketing campaigns that will delight and surprise your customers with monthly featured collections, complimenting your fixed collections [including any products that you have branded yourself]. In addition to refreshing your site frequently, Featured Collections create a supply-and-demand 'HOT OFF THE PRESS AND GOING FAST' vibe to encourage your customers to visit your site often and to stay up-to-date with your newsletters, blog and forum. These 'Limited Time ONLY' Collections will increase your ROI by keeping your site dynamic & novel AND running smoothly versus being bogged down with multiple large collections.


We've incorporated a monthly poll to interact with your customers on-site by asking them to VOTE for their favorite items in the Featured Collection of-the-month to keep it in the store! This helps your audience to feel involved in your decision-making, creating more loyal customers. We've created engaging 'THIS OR THAT' Stories to help promote the on-site voting, increasing leads-to-traffic and traffic-to-sales.

Featured Collection items are shipped out directly from the print-on-demand companies already branded with your company tags and logo. No reshipping or bulk orders are required. They compliment the sourced out items in your shop, as we recommend hosting a wide variety of products. For example, most of the cowgirl apparel is locally printed while the cowgirl boots are sourced out and need to be rebranded and shipped in boot boxes. You are set to keep 90% of the profits incurred by your storefront with the Premium Plan. Royalties paid out to any models/influencers are paid thru a percentage of the merchandiser's pricelist. 

The INSTASTARS signature prints can be mixed and matched with pet apparel, giving your pet store an very unique edge. Who wouldn't want to wear matching #ootd with their #bff? Our print-on-demand companies have partnered with many name brands to print/embroider your shop's designs including: American Apparel, Bella & Canvas, Bag base, Beechfield, Big Accessories, Champion, Cotton Heritage, Columbia, Econscious, Flexfit, Gildan, Jerzees, District, Liberty Bags, Next level, Otto Caps, Port Authority, Rabbit Skins, Sport-Tek, Sportsman, Tultex, Yupoong, Stanley | Stella, LAT Apparel, Adidas, Threadfast, Shaka Wear, SOL,S etc. Just let us know which brands you are most excited to see in your storefront and we'll get started right away!

Select Your Plan

We have created 3 Custom Plans that we feel best suit your business & marketing goals. You can select any START DATE you wish; however, must be subscribed before January 30, 2023 to take advantage of the FREE Website Creation promotion. Additionally, we have created a complimenting 1 Month's worth of Social Media Posts for the month of February, highlighting the 20% OFF 'Shower Your Pet with Love this Valentine's Day!' promo [based on Platinum Option]. To use these effectively together, we suggest selecting the start date of February 1st, 2023 with automatic monthly renewal. We would then create a NEW Instagram, Facebook (and other social channels depending on the plan you select) for your NEW Storefront - which you can direct your followers to by pointing to it in your Instagram bio and on your official site etc. You can request collaboration on any post you like of course, to also show up on any of your other Instagram channels. We will also post photos of customers and Influencers with their pets sporting the PAWSOME brand! Once you have enough followers we will then apply for Instagram and Facebook Shopping so your audience can shop more conveniently without leaving the app.


Mid-February you can expect March's campaign ideas and the month's worth of content for your approval, so we'll always be 1 month ahead with plenty of time for any revisions.

Getting Started

We'll send you instructions on how to get started as soon as you have subscribed! This will include logging into the WIX Site we have created for you and paying WIX directly for your hosting fees. Please Note: Your website hosting fees are NOT included with your FREE Website Creation & Maintenance INSTASTARS promo and you are responsible for any independent apps you may wish to include onto your site.

Please send your high-resolution logo to our e-mail: so we can replace the print files. Everything you see in the links provided are intended as a sample of our work, created to aid in the visualization of our proposal. NEW Logo Design and Creation is included in the Premium Plan, if you wish to have our Design Team create a NEW Logo for your brand.

Decide on a custom domain name. You can opt to register this for yourself OR have your account manager do it on your behalf, once you have upgraded your Wix plan. A FREE custom url is included when you upgrade your Wix package to the Yearly VIP Business & E-Commerce Plan. We can quickly get your site LIVE within 24 - 48 hours of registration. Valentina; your dedicated account manager, will handle all e-com customer inquiries, as she will be responsible for the shipping and handling. At the same time as registering your domain, you can purchase a professional, custom e-mail package ending in your domain. As soon as your site is registered and LIVE you can start sharing your unique promo code with your friends & followers to SAVE 25% on your ENTIRE Shop!  Promo Code: PAWSOME25

If you have any inquiries or suggestions to help us improve your personalized customer journey, please feel free to reach out! We are excited to work with you and hope you choose INSTASTARS as your Branding & Marketing Specialists! 


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500PCS Custom Tags Paper Labels Clothing Brand Fashion Business Handmake Merchandise Logo
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  • Silver [Custom]

    Every month
    [Branded] Growth Strategy
    • FREE! E-COM Website [SEO Optimized] Creation & Maintenance
    • Unlimited Revisions for Website & Social Media
    • 12 Branded Items Added to Online Shop [3 per week]
    • Monthly Featured Collection with 8+ NEW Novelty Items
    • Novel Marketing Campaigns for Featured collections
    • 75% of the Profits from E-COM Sales
    • Branded Dropshipping from a North American Tracking Location
    • 12 Social Media Posts [IG+FB] + Stories with Active Links
    • 5+ Posts via TikTok + Twitter + Pinterest
    • 3+ Products Added to Influencer Monthly Challenges for Promo
    • Weekly E-Mail Marketing Highlighting NEW Products & Promos
    • Mthly Blog Post [Pet Care/Collection] feat. Branded Products
    • Interactive Members Area with Challenges & Reward Badges
    • 3+ Press Releases Sent Out + Follow-ups [per month]
    • Quarterly E-COM Sales Transaction Records & Pay-Outs
    • 75% Profits incurred thru linked POP-UP Shops
    • Discounts on ALL Exclusive Services incl. Ad Management
  • Gold [Custom]

    Every month
    [Branded] Growth Strategy
    • FREE! E-COM Website [SEO Optimized] Creation & Maintenance
    • Unlimited Revisions for Website & Social Media
    • 16 Branded Items Added to Online Shop [4 per week]