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2D vs. 3D Digital Dolls

INSTASTARS Influencer Avatars a.k.a. Digital Dolls can be employed to promote your Brand in a unique & futuristic way! The promotion will be displayed on your real-life Influencer's website or socials and can be combined with other Influencer Avatars and/or interact with your chosen real-life Influencer to create fun and engaging videos and dialogue about your brand!

The possibilities are limitless! We'd love to connect with you to bring your vision to life!

2D Influencer Avatars

☑️75% OFF 2D Life-like Character Creation with a FREE 3D Upgrade [Coming Soon!]

☑️ Cast your character into any scene imaginable [animated or using real photos/videos]

☑️ Create engaging video storylines with multiple Life-like Influencer Avatars directing viewers directly to your products/services or website.

☑️ Great for YouTube, Vimeo and across all major social platforms.

☑️ Body Tracking on 2D Influencer Avatars enables Influencers to go LIVE on Social Media as their Avatar to promote your Brand [either from their account or yours!]

☑️ FREE Wearables created from Brand product photos.

Perfect for websites/blogs/apps and socials looking for a fun & unique marketing angle.

3D Influencer Avatars


☑️ Everything 2D Influencer Avatars can do with web 3 capabilities.

☑️ NFT Wearables created for your Brand's products

☑️ Implement 3D Influencer Avatars into your web 3 projects and games.


Get in Touch

Let us tailor a package that meets your needs. Tell us a little about your business and we will get back to you with some ideas as soon as possible!

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