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Social Media STARDOM!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

SOCIAL MEDIA 101: It's Not Rocket Science, but It's an Art!

200 Social Media Tactics Every Business And Creator Should Know!
200 Social Media Tactics Every Business And Creator Should Know!
Cats in Space!
Cats in Space!

Oh, the majestic world of social media: where cat videos reign supreme and where 15-second dances can launch global trends. But beneath the surface of "do-it-for-the-vine" moments, there's a method to the madness. Here, we're diving deep into the cosmic soup of building a brand on social media. And guess what? You don't need a Ph.D in hashtagology!

Space Soup!
Ingredients: A Dash of Cosmic Magic!
Baking Cakes in Space!
Let Them Eat Space Cake!

1. Consistency is Key, Not Just in Baking Cakes

Imagine waiting for your favorite TV show every week, only to find out it airs randomly. Frustrating, right? This principle applies to social media. Your followers want to know when they can expect to see content from you. Consistency means two things: frequency and brand message. Your audience should get a sense of what to expect and when. So, schedule posts like you'd schedule coffee breaks. Essential and at regular intervals!

Connect with your Audience on Social media
Love is in the Air!

2. Connect with Your Audience: Yes, Like That Rom-Com Scene

Speaking of coffee breaks, social media isn’t just about broadcasting your message. It's about brewing genuine connections. Reply to comments, share user-generated content, ask questions, or even throw in a meme or two (appropriately!). When you engage with your audience, they're more likely to engage back. It's the law of social media physics (well, not really, but it should be!).

Space Java with a Splash of Milky Way
Space Java with a Splash of Milky Way

3. Engaging Content: Because No One Wants a Dull Story

You've got their attention – now what? It's showtime! Provide value. Whether you're sharing a behind-the-scenes look, a useful tip, or a heartwarming story, keep it fresh and relatable. Your brand's narrative should compel your audience to click, share, or even save. Remember, engagement is the currency in the world of social media!

Ballet in Space!
Social Media is like a Dance. Take the Lead.
Ducks in Space!
Ducks in Space!

4. Artistic Visuals: Paint Your Canvas, Picasso!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the land of social media, it might just be worth a thousand likes too! Captivating visuals are the gatekeepers of attention. They dictate whether someone will stop scrolling to read your caption or story. Use high-quality images, play with graphics, and never underestimate the power of a good filter. (But let's keep the duck face in 2010, shall we?)

Pablo Picasso Painting In Space!
Pablo Picasso Painting In Space!

In Conclusion: To DIY or Not to DIY?

William Shakespeare in Space
To DIY OR Not to DIY, that is the Question.

If you're swamped with other business endeavors or you just want to make sure your brand truly shines like Sirius on a clear night, let INSTASTARS handle the reins. We're here to craft a social strategy tailored uniquely for your brand, ensuring you don't just fit in but stand out from the constellation of competitors. After all, why be a mere star when you can be a supernova? Book Your FREE Consultation with INSTASTARS Today!


If you decide to DIY here's a Social Media Resource that we found very helpful!

200 Social Media Tactics Every Creator Should Know!
200 Social Media Tactics Every Business And Creator Should Know!

Here's what you'll discover in this Guide:

  • 200 Tips on social media marketing so you can take full advantage of these free, high traffic sites.

  • Tips on choosing which social media site to use

  • Tips on getting started with a social media site

  • Tips on keeping subscribers glued to your page/account

  • Tips on using multimedia content

  • Tips on using language

  • Tips on using Youtube effectively

  • Tips on how to expand the reach of your social media account

  • Tips on outsourcing work and task

  • Tips on dealing with trolling, defamation, and other derogatory comments from users

  • Tips on using Facebook

  • Tips on using Twitter

  • Tips for safety

  • Tips on involvements you should avoid

  • Tips on measuring and improving the effectiveness of your social media acoount

  • Tips on coming up with good content

  • Tips on writing your comments and posts effectively

  • Tips on unique ways to deliver your message

  • Tips on improving customer relationships

  • Tips of dealing with competition

  • Tips on financing your social media account

  • Tips on making your social media account user friendly

  • .....And much, much more !


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